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Duane Andrews

   Duane Andrews was born and raised in Carbonear. Music has always been a huge part of his life. He first picked up a guitar around age 10, and hasn’t looked back since. After his mother and older sister started taking lessons, he joined the school guitar club and started to learn as well.

   A year or two later, Duane and his family moved to New Brunswick for a few months. It was here that Duane really felt drawn to his guitar and realized that it was something he wanted to pursue.

   Duane went to university in Nova Scotia and studied Jazz Performance. His intent was never to be a

professional jazz musician, but it did open a lot of doors for him. It was here that Duane adopted his personal mantra of “Follow the music.” This is what he would continue to do. Recently, Duane has been writing electroacoustic music. He was inspired to do this by his son, Isaac, who is now 14. Isaac liked and listened to lots of different kinds of music, but he found one area of music that nobody he knew had any connection to – electronic music. His son started to make his own electronic music, with a little help from Duane. Watching his son make this kind of music and listening to what he produced inspired Duane to create the set he performed in the residency concert. Duane says the electronic music just opens everything up, adding, “There is so much more potential for sounds you can create.”

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