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Explore Virtual Woody Point from your own home  with this free download of The Mummer's Journey! Available for Windows-based computers and laptops (Apple computers, Chromebooks and tablets are not compatible).To download, click the button and fill out the form that follows. You will then receive a reply with the download link. 

While we all know the world is not what it used to be, our challenge is to avoid hoping it could be again. The journey to the new world cannot wait a moment longer. We all know it. We have stalled this departure too long. Happily, however, this is not a journey we must make empty-handed. In learning what we need to take and what we need to leave behind, we can learn so much about where we need to go.

It is no accident, then, that Mummer’s Journey pushes deep into the strange new world of immersive, interactive virtual environments, while preoccupying itself with Newfoundland’s ancient and mysterious ritual. A ritual of making ourselves strange, of putting masks over our faces, and imagining who we will be when they come off again. With Mummer’s Journey, we reach into the future and the past at once in an effort to make sense of what is coming next.

This project involved a staggering amount of talent and teamwork. Over 50 performers starring in 24 different videos; a production team creating, choreographing, costuming, directing, and editing each video; an audio team recording, mixing and mastering music and sound for both the videos and the virtual world; and a virtual team that created an entire community for us to explore and inhabit. I know I speak for everyone in saying how excited we all are for you to finally join us inside the enchanted, heart-warming, and often hilarious world of Mummer’s Journey.

David Maggs - Artistic Director 

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