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Robert Humber (he/him) is a Newfoundland-based composer, sound artist, multi-instrumentalist, producer and educator. He has written music for orchestras, instrumental soloists, electronics, contemporary dance, film, video games and most recently, sound installation. His music draws from an eclectic mixture of experimental and popular music genres such as folk, ambient, hyperpop and contemporary classical. Some recent projects include an interactive sound installation for Redshift Music Society in Vancouver, a multi-guitar piece for Ben Diamond, and a 25-minute electronic score for Neighborhood Dance Work's project "Fire Kedgy's Howl." In addition to his compositional work, Robert has performed with many musicians and stage productions. He is excited to be playing piano this summer for "Lucy Duhart's West Side Saloon." When he is not doing musical things, he is probably out exploring or daydreaming about starting up a local coffee roastery.

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