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Mike McDonald

   Mike McDonald was born into a very musical family. His older brother, Lou, was always playing different instruments, and his mother also loved to sing and play piano.

   Mike got his first drum kit around the age of 4 or 5, and it was here that his love of music started. It had cardboard drum heads, which he’s pretty sure he beat up within just a couple days. A family friend taught him his first rhythm, and his love for music only blossomed from there. He also picked up a guitar in his early teens and taught himself how to play. Mike started playing in bands with his brother, and their mother became their 


booking agent. Mike says that growing up, all he ever wanted to do was play in a band, so this was a dream come true for him.

   For the past 10 years, Mike has split his time between Deer Lake and Rocky Harbour. In the summers, Mike is the captain on the water shuttle that goes between Rocky Harbour and Woody Point, while also playing gigs four nights a week. In the past few years though, Mike has taken a step back from performing, to spend time with his daughter and wife.

   On top of performing, Mike also writes music. His favourite time to write music is mostly late at night, when he’s by himself. He says that the truer, more genuine songs come to him during this time.

   Mike sees himself as an entertainer, more than a singer. When asked what he would do if the gigs stopped coming in, Mike says, “If it stopped, I think I’d still be doing something.” He would never be able to give up music entirely.

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