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Kelly McMichael

   Kelly McMichael (from Peterborough ON, based in St. John’s NL), is known for her commanding vocals and stage presence as well as her classic-sounding songwriting and arranging skills. She is able to fiercely conduct musical forces by layering vocal harmonies, producing beats, riffing on guitars and serenading at the piano. Kelly has toured Canada, the UK and the US with various projects, most recently keys and vocals with Sarah Harmer. She has fronted Renders, Thelma & Louise, Kelly McMichael and The Gloss and Rouge, and as a collaborator Kelly has performed with Regina Gently (and alter ego Gentleman Reg), Allie X, Richard

Laviolette, Terra Lightfoot, The Hidden Cameras, John, Claire Whitehead and Geordie Gordon (Islands, US Girls). 

   Kelly McMichael’s debut full-length album “Waves” displays a wide range of rock sounds and marks a transition from her electronic based project ‘RENDERS’. It has taken years to find the right circumstances to bring these arrangements to life, and she finally found them by the ocean with the support of engineer, co-producer and drummer Jake Nicoll (The Burning Hell), and multi-instrumentalists Maria Peddle and Sarah Harris (Property) from St John's. Kelly is keeping busy with musical projects, dreaming about rock and roll concerts and she can't wait to take this album on tour.

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