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Bridget & Dahlia

Bridget and Dahlia met in 2010 and eventually began sharing their love of music and writing together. During a “Mr. H. Make Music Happen" conference which they attended together, they were inspired to co-write and perform an original song, “Music,” which received great reception and support. Since then, they

 have been involved in countless local concerts and fundraisers, and earned first place in the Statoil Newfound Talent Contest 2016. 

   Bridget and Dahlia’s performances all over Newfoundland have earned them opportunities to perform at The Gathering in Burlington, to open for The 


Fortunate Ones, and to perform at numerous other festivals and events. After a Music NL conference in St. John’s in 2017, they were contacted by NL musician Steve Maloney who expressed interest in recording their first album. The project began in early 2018, and their debut album, Runaways, is now set to be released in August of 2019

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